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MailMergeLib Namespace

Public classAngleSharpHtmlConverter
Convert HTML to plain text using the AngleSharp library. Parsing HTML with AngleSharp es extremely fast, and in addition it occurs only one per mail merge job and email texts are usually small.
Protected classAttachmentBuilder
Provides methods for building FileAttachments and StringAttachmets for MailMergeMessages.
Protected classBodyBuilderBase
Abstract base class for HtmlBodyBuilder and PlainBodyBuilder.
Public classCredential
Class used for serialization of credentials created from user name, password and (optional) domain. Credentials will be saved encrypted. Only GetCredential(...) returns the NetworkCredential decrypted.
Public classCrypto
Simple encryption. Used to encrypt security relevant entries in configuration files. This is not "safe", but better than storing e.g. network credentials as plain text.
Public classEmailValidator
An Email validator.
Public classFileAttachment
Class for file attachments of a MailMergeMessage
Protected classHtmlBodyBuilder
Builds the HTML body part for a mail message using AngleSharp. Image references will be converted to embedded cid content. Image references may include {Placeholders}. {Placeholders} in the HTML Body and will be replaced by variable values.
Public classMailMergeAddress
Container for a mail merge address.
Public classMailMergeAddressCollection
Container for mail merge addresses of a mail merge message.
Public classMailMergeMessage
Represents an email message that can be sent using the MailMergeLib.MailMergeSender class.
Public classMailMergeMessageAddressException
Mail merge bad address exception.
Public classMailMergeMessageAttachmentException
Mail merge attachment exception.
Public classMailMergeMessageEmtpyContentException
Mail merge empty content exception.
Public classMailMergeMessageMailMergeMessageException
Mail merge message exception.
Public classMailMergeMessageParseException
Mail merge exception for not properly formatted templates (e.g. missing closing brace).
Public classMailMergeMessageVariableException
Mail merge exception for placeholders that are missing in the datasource.
Public classMailMergeSender
Sends MailMergeMessages to an SMTP server. It uses MailKit.Net.Smtp.SmtpClient for low level operations.
Public classMailMessageFailureEventArgs
Argument used by the event when getting the merged MimeMessage of the MailMergeMessage has failed. With the arguments supplied the event delegate is able to either resolve what caused the error and set a correctly built MimeMessage to be sent, or finally give up and let throw a MailMergeMessageMailMergeMessageException,
Public classMailSenderAfterSendEventArgs
Argument used by the event after sending of a message is completed.
Public classMailSenderBeforeSendEventArgs
Argument used by the event before sending of a message is completed.
Public classMailSenderMergeBeginEventArgs
Argument used by the event before starting a mail merge.
Public classMailSenderMergeCompleteEventArgs
Argument used by the event after finishing a mail merge.
Public classMailSenderMergeProgressEventArgs
Argument used by the event after every mail sent during a mail merge.
Public classMailSenderSendFailureEventArgs
Argument used by the event after sending a message has failed.
Public classMailSenderSmtpClientEventArgs
Argument used by the event right after the connection to the server is up (but not yet authenticated).
Public classCode exampleMailSmartFormatter
The formatter used by MailMergeLib for replacing placeholders with variables' content.
Public classMessageConfig
Configuration for MailMergeMessage.
Protected classPlainBodyBuilder
Public classSenderConfig
Configuration for MailMergeSender.
Public classSettings
MailMergeLib settings
Public classSmartFormatterConfig
SmartFormatter configuration.
Public classSmtpClientConfig
Class which is used by MailMergeSender in order to build preconfigured SmtpClients.
Public classStreamAttachment
Class for information about file attachments for mail messages
Public classStringAttachment
Class for information about file attachments for mail messages created from strings.
Public classTools
Tools used by classes of MailMergeLib.
Protected classUriScheme
Uri schemes
Public interfaceIHtmlConverter
Convert HTML to plain text.
Public enumerationMailAddressType
Enumeration of the available types of a MailMergeAddress.
Public enumerationMessageOutput
Enumeration of message output types