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MessageOutput Enumeration

Enumeration of message output types

Namespace:  MailMergeLib
Assembly:  MailMergeLib (in MailMergeLib.dll) Version:
public enum MessageOutput
  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Will process all messages but discard them just before sending / writing to disk.
SmtpServer1 Send messages through an SMTP server
Directory2 Writes messages to the specified MailOutputDirectory.
PickupDirectoryFromIis3 Think twice about using the option "IIS Pickup Directory". Then make sure that: 1. SMTP is installed 2. SMTP is configured 3. Firewall is open 4. IIS has access to the metabase 5. IIS has access to the pickup directory Otherwise you'll expect an SmtpException while method GetPickDirectoryFromIis() is called
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