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axuno currently supply the following services and projects:

1 Volleyball League

A quite important one is "volleyball league". There is an active league organized by axuno working with the software. The software is open source.

2 Tournament Calendar

Another one is a tournament calendar and tournament management site. The first operating website is a tournament calendar working with this open source solution.

3 MailMergeLib

We have published MailMergeLib, an open source library for sending email messages, where placeholders in text, recipients or attachments will automatically be replaced with variables.
The project was initially published on CodeProject. The latest version can be found on GitHub.
Have a look at the API documentation.

4 SmartFormat.Net

SmartFormat.Net is a string template library that allows you to fill a string with data. Easy to use, fast, extensible, and extremely powerful. Allows for named {placeholders} using any data type, conditional formatting, iterating through IEnumerables, and much more. While Scott Rippey had initially founded this project, today axuno are maintaining and further developing it. The project is available on GitHub.