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About us

axuno gGmbH is a nonprofit corporation and legal entity which has been incorporated under the law of German jurisdiction for nonprofit only purposes. This means that owners or shareholders will not be granted any profits from the corporation. It was founded in 2016. In general the core mission of axuno is to supporting sporty and cultural events, activities or competitions by supplying royalty-free and open-source software and web portals. axuno want to promote further development and improvement of such software.

axuno will help sporty or cultural associations or interested people, regardless of age, gender, ancestry, social status or religion. One important aim is to build a community of software developers who are willing to contribute to axuno's projects. Another aim is to enlarge the number of active users.

axuno consider themselves as an organizational framework for the commitment and cooperation of participating or supporting team members. The economic premises of the projects (e.g. development systems, operating costs for hardware and websites) are borne by the corporation. With the help of active team members and individual donations axuno will assure that it's projects will evolve.

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